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Custom Design, Roll Outs, One-Of-A-Kinds... our in-house design team can take your concepts and ideas, and develop them into full scale three-dimensional reality. We will design your display environment, and then our gifted craftmen will produce those requirements according to your specifications. Warehousing, Delivery & Installation are additional services offered to you from VA Designs, Inc. Check out our Custom Projects page for the latest custom designed project we are working on!

Key Benefits
Convert your concept and your ideas into reality
Design your displays according to the space available

Research & Development... along with new technologies come new ideas for the materials and finishes of our product line. We are presently working on the development of contemporary finishes for our existing fixtures, and also researching the use of new materials such as "easy to clean" frosted glass panels.

Key Benefits
One stop shop
Save third party charges
Develop, Built and Installed

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